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Who we are

Choosing Eywa means to choose wittingly a perfect balance between ourselves and the entire planet, because this can really be considered the source of a common wellbeing.

We promote an innovative concept of organic skincare.
Eywa was born from the union between Luca Malaspina (co-Founder and Eywa ideator) twenty-year long experience with social promotion organisations and a simple question: is it possible to gain personal wellbeing while staying in perfect harmony with others and the Planet.

Eywa was firstly conceived in Dinderessò, a remote village in Burkina-Faso where, together with a group of local women Luca created a small soap factory.
Today, this soap factory represents an important source of income for the local population and also a precious provider of valuable natural oils and butters.

From Our Team

Promote a lower environmental impact, a higher social inclusion and sustainability as key values of its new concept of Beauty.