Your zero waste and no plastic beauty.
Solid Face Cleanser +
Hydrating antioxidant face cream

Eywa, invited as a benefit company to the Start Summit 2021 through a dedicated offer wants to raise awareness about the importance of sustainable beauty for a green future.
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Offer valid until May 31

Sustainability reaches new horizons

Eywa, in collaboration with Alveto, has created two zero waste and 100% natural travel boxes, so that you can always have your face&body routine totally green.
Alveto expedition is the adventure of Aldo and Vera that travel the world aboard their car. Their latest journey aims to raise awareness of sustainability issues.
The revenue generated by their videos will be donated entirely to the charity association Trytogiveback.
Eywa supports their project by providing them a complete plastic free and zero waste routine for the duration of their journey.

Starter box  49,90€

– solid body scrub
– solid face cleanser
– solid body cleanser
– solid shampoo
– baobab oil 20ml
– shea butter 30gr 

Premium box  129,90€

3x solid body scrub
2x solid face cleanser
3x solid body cleanser
3x solid shampoo
– baobab oil 30ml
2x shea butter 30gr.

Start Global is the leading initiative for entrepreneurship and technology in Switzerland
at the University of St. Gallen: focus training a new generation of entrepreneurs.
Visit the “START SUMMIT” event from March 22 to 27 2021

Detergente bifasico + minisize PURA CURA

Biphasic cleanser + minisize PUR CURA
20 € shipping included (in Italy)

The two-phase cleaner plus the same performance and comfort as our skincare line products in a mini format.

Yours to 20 € with no shipping costs (in Italy).
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1 Two-phase cleanser + 1 Minisize: 2 ml: pink absolute smoothing oil, 2 ml: anti-aging moisturizing face serum, 4 ml: moisturizing face cream.