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The idea of a perfect balance between Beauty, natural and social sustainability is Eywa core value.

Everything that’s truly necessary for someone’s care is already available in Nature; that’s why Eywa offers its everyday tangible commitment to protect Nature and its resources.

daily commitment

The company also promotes a minor impact on the rural communities of people helping with raw materials processing, while offering to final users a cosmetic product of the best quality.

local communities protection

Eywa raw material providers come from different places around the globe, the company established direct relations with each and everyone of them.
Eywa is tangibly committed in sustaining its small-craft raw material providers involved in organic skincare production and helps them training specialized workforce.

The Company guarantees: traceability, high productive standards and bio-chemicals/microbiological analysis of each product on the market.

environmental protection

Eywa experts have been studying for a long time the impact of bio-polymers; they proudly succeeded in the production of the really first compostable bio-polymer now used to close Eywa aluminium tubes. Our aluminium packagings are 100% compostable.
In general our organic skincare packagings are made by glass, aluminium and wood.

Eywa adopted innovative best practices to produce product boxes, preserving forests and promoting paper recycle.

impact report

Once a year on the official website will be available a detailed Impact Report, to be downloaded by everyone interested to deepen Company goals and advancements on sustainability topics.

Impact Report 2018
Impact Report 2017
Impact Report 2016